Committee Center

This is where you can find information about all of the currently active committees.
Masters of the Virtual Realm:
 The Masters of the Virtual Realm are responsible for updating and maintaining the website and all means of digital communication associated with Florida Beacon.

The primary goal of the Welcoming Committee is to help new CON-goers feel welcome and become integrated into the Florida Beacon community. This task includes mentoring newcomers in functions such as touch groups and cleanup, as well as helping to introduce them to various members of the Beacon community.

Social Action:
The Social Action committee is responsible for planning and setting up various social action events attended by Florida Beacon to help out in local communities.
The Policies and Procedures Committee, often referred to as the "PnP committee", is responsible for updating the rules, policies, and procedures relating to Florida Beacon and its events as needed.

The Trans-In Committee is responsible for planning, or aiding in the planning of, Trans-In CONs, in which members of Florida Beacon who are especially young or new to Beacon can be eased into what a CON will be like, so that an actual CON won't be overwhelming when they attend.

Vision Quest:
If you are interested in helping to plan Vision Quest, check out the Vision Quest page on our G+ Community.